Our Story

Kings Hairitage produces premium men’s grooming products created by William Brown, the company founder and master barber. Our products at Kings Hairitage include beard grooming products such as beard oil, comb, shampoo, balm, and other grooming products such as body wash and shampoo.

All our products at Kings Hairitage are made to target the unique needs of black men. Formulated with natural oils and nourishing ingredients, our products help promote a healthy lifestyle.

We at Kings Hairitage plan to sell our products as grooming kits designed to address needs such as beard growth, dry/itchy beards and beard maintenance. Our company founder, William Brown has over twenty years’ experience as a barber/owner addressing these very issues. He is a second-generation barber and products business owner, as his father was also owner of a barber shop and products business. 

Our business and operations manager, Brian Johnson, also has experience in this industry starting several successful personal care products designed for black people with distribution online, in barber shops and salons, as well as major retail markets including Walgreens. 

Learning from past success, Kings Hairitage will focus marketing and distribution via online sales with retail sales supporting operations, as online sales are 30% more profitable, have increased repeat purchases, and have higher customer retention. 

Our physical business location is in the greater Chicago area, which allows for a large network of local retailers and barber network to expand brand awareness via word of mouth.