Celebrating the Black Heritage of Hair, for Men:

Kings Hairitage Introduces All-Natural Premium Men's Care Line

Chicago, IL: 6/14/2023 - Kings Hairitage, a leading men's grooming brand, is proud to announce the launch of their all-natural premium men's care line, expertly designed to meet the unique needs of men of color. Founded by William C. Brown, a second-generation barbershop owner, visionary entrepreneur, and the CEO of Kings Hairitage, and Brian L. Johnson, a seasoned entrepreneur and co-founder, the brand is dedicated to celebrating the black heritage of hair while providing high-quality grooming products.

As Juneteenth approaches, a significant day in African American history commemorating the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States, Kings Hairitage stands as a testament to progress and empowerment. William C. Brown, a passionate advocate for Black heritage and entrepreneurship, and Brian L. Johnson, a visionary in the industry, founded the company with the goal of honoring cultural traditions and uplifting men of color through their grooming rituals.

Based in the greater Chicago area, Kings Hairitage understands the importance of embracing one's cultural roots and the significance of black hair heritage. With their meticulously crafted product range, they aim to empower men of color to embrace their natural hair and grooming rituals confidently.

The Kings Hairitage product line consists of beard care and hair care products, each carefully formulated with premium natural ingredients. These products are designed to enhance and nourish textured hair and beards, providing essential moisture, protection, and styling versatility.

What sets Kings Hairitage apart is their commitment to honoring African traditions and paying homage to the rich history of black excellence. The product names themselves reflect this dedication, with names like Hasani (Handsome), Kamazu (Quiet Warrior), and Ade (Royal). In addition, they offer unique kits such as Mansa Musa (King of Kings), providing a comprehensive grooming experience fit for royalty.

Will shares his enthusiasm for the brand's mission: "At Kings Hairitage, we believe that grooming is not just about personal care; it is an opportunity to connect with our heritage and celebrate our identity. Through our premium men's care line, we aim to empower men of color, honoring their unique hair texture, style, and history. As we approach Juneteenth, we commemorate the resilience and strength of our community, and we are proud to stand as a symbol of progress and celebration."

Brian adds, "Our collaboration stems from a shared vision to create a brand that celebrates black heritage and provides men of color with premium grooming products that cater specifically to their needs. We are excited to introduce a line of products that not only deliver exceptional results but also embrace our African 'hairitage' and promote self-confidence and self-expression."

To explore the full range of Kings Hairitage premium products and celebrate the rich heritage of black hair, visit their official website at Stay updated on the latest news and promotions by following them on social media @kingshairitage.

About Kings Hairitage: Kings Hairitage is a premium men's grooming brand located in the greater Chicago area. Founded by William C. Brown, a second-generation barbershop owner, visionary entrepreneur, and passionate advocate for Black heritage, and Brian L. Johnson, a seasoned entrepreneur, Kings Hairitage is dedicated to celebrating the black heritage of hair. Their all-natural product line includes beard care and hair care products expertly designed to meet the needs of men of color. With a focus on premium ingredients, cultural inspiration, and empowering men's grooming rituals, Kings Hairitage strives to provide the highest quality grooming experience.