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Discover the UMI (Life) Beard Growth Kit, meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of men of color. Our kit includes a carefully curated selection of all-natural products, designed to nourish and enhance your beard growth journey.

Start your grooming routine with the Lateef Cleansing Beard Wash, a gentle yet effective formula that cleanses and removes impurities without stripping your beard's natural oils. Follow up with the Lateef Silkiening Beard Softener and Conditioner, enriched with nourishing ingredients to promote softness, manageability, and a healthy-looking beard.

For daily hydration and nourishment, our kit features the Kamazu Daily/Nightly Beard Moisturizer, a lightweight formula that provides essential moisture, tames unruly hair, and promotes a well-groomed appearance. To further enhance your beard's health, the Hasani Beard Leave-In Moisture Rich Conditioner deeply conditions and revitalizes your facial hair, leaving it smooth, lustrous, and full of life.

Experience the power of our Azhar Beard Butter, a luxurious blend of natural ingredients that moisturizes, nourishes, and adds a healthy sheen to your beard. And for targeted care, our Kamuzu (Medicinal) Anti-Itch + Growth Beard Oil combines the benefits of a soothing, anti-itch formula with the nourishing properties of a growth-promoting oil, ensuring a comfortable and thriving beard.

With the UMI (Life) Beard Growth Kit, you can confidently embrace your beard journey with premium, all-natural products designed specifically for men of color. Elevate your grooming routine and unlock the full potential of your beard.

Indulge in the ultimate beard care experience with UMI (Life).

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